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Green River... Wea You Stay?

April 19th, 2012

Yesterday, the brother-in-law told me he's on a mission to find restaurants that still serve Green River so that he can reminisce back to the days when he used to drink it at Jolly Roger... I told him that I knew that Meg's Drive In had it and I think Sekiya's might still have it, but didn't know of any place else. So I posted the question out to Facebook and Twitter and collected a few more locales, but I wanted to throw it out to my homeys on WWE as well to see if you guys had any suggestions as to where else he can go to stir up some nostalgia.

So wot? Where can the BIL get his Green River fix?

Green River drink from Megs Drive In (Photo Courtesy:
Green River drink from Megs Drive In (Photo Courtesy:


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Weekly VH07V T-Shirt Update!

Made a run to Fischer after work yesterday and picked up most of my supplies for my VH07V booth at the 2012 Hawaii Ocean Expo. Got rope, plexi frames, a waste bag for money, receipt books, etc. That place get choke kine stuffs!

After work today and/or tomorrow, I'm supposed to pick up the finished shirts, hats and stickers from three different vendors. Just in the knick of time... Well, hopefully!

As if I didn't mention this enough awwwredde, the Hawaii Ocean Expo will be at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall this Saturday, April 21st from 9am-7:30pm and Sunday, April 22nd from 9am-5pm. Hope to see y'all there! 🙂


This week's "Spotted" shot for VH07V is of my buddy Rich Hollis from the UFC, during his vacation here in Hawaii. He is joined by Amanda and Jessica. Mahalos for spreading the VH07V love!

Amanda, Rich & Jessica
Amanda, Rich & Jessica


Survey Thursday: Home Remedies

September 9th, 2010

Happy 9/9 errryone! Gonna be a quick one today cause your boy is feeling a little under the weather, but wanted to throw a quick Survey Thursday out there to see if you can help me kick this cold.

Q) What is your favorite home remedy to fight a cold?

Yeah, this one is a little self-serving, cause I like heal myself like stat, but won't you help a brutha out? Puhleeease? I think I overworked myself with all this Rice Fest stress/planning. *sigh*

My momma's ojiya (rice gruel) is da bomb. Drinking Sprite is also nom nom. What other suggestions/remedies do you guys have? Hellllp! 😛


- Ed
1st Annual Hawaii Rice Fest
1st Annual Hawaii Rice Fest

Waterfront at Aloha Tower Marketplace
September 11, 2010 @ 12pm-8pm
For more Info: / Twitter / Facebook
To RSVP: Twtvite / Facebook Event


Fun Day Monday: "Feminine Products"

November 30th, 2009

This one's a kinda combo platter kine post: Combination Survey Thursday & Fun Day Monday. Hopefully, you'll participate as if it were both days, meaning double the comments. 8) *sigh* A fella can dream right? 😉

So a few weeks ago, a co-worker told me that the sign of true love is if a man buys his woman (for lack of a better word) "pads". OK, sorry, "feminine products"... I've actually heard this several times before and was wondering why in the heck women always want their men to buy them "pads" to prove their love?

Me? I'd rather not. I'm embarrassed enough to have to buy a risque magazine on my own... (That is, of course, if I were to even be that kind of sleazy pervert to begin with!) 😉 Actually, I do have to confess. I did have to sleaze it up once when we bought a friend (who was getting married) a dirty magazine. Of course, we even threw in the obligatory pack of gum, as if it were going to throw the cashier off or somethin'. 8)

My co-worker then posed an interesting twist to this. Since her hubby does this for their daughter, she asked if I'd buy these wondrous products for my future daughter. Eeeeenteresting. That's a tricky one, but I actually think I would. For some reason, that's a different story. Strange eh?

So where you at? I'm curious to know where all of y'all stand on this topic. Here are the many combinations, depending on your sex and marital status: 😛

* If you are a guy:
- Would you buy the FPs for your girlfriend (if you were single)?
- Would you buy the FPs for your wife (if you were married)?
- Would you buy the FPs for your future daughter?
- Have you ever bought the FPs for any girlfriend?
- Have you ever bought the FPs for your wife?
- Have you ever bought the FPs for your daughter?

* If you are a gal:
- Would you make your boyfriend buy you your FPs (if you were single)?
- Would you make your hubby buy you your FPs (if you were married)?
- Did you ever make any boyfriend buy you your FPs?
- Did you ever make your hubby buy you your FPs?
- Do you think this is a sign of true love? Why?

*Here's mine:
- Would you buy the FPs for your girlfriend (if you were single)? Nope.
- Would you buy the FPs for your wife (if you were married)? Rather not.
- Would you buy the FPs for your future daughter? Perhaps.
- Have you ever bought the FPs for any girlfriend? Nope (thank the heavens!).
- Have you ever bought the FPs for your wife? Nope.
- Have you ever bought the FPs for your daughter? N/A

Whew! What a way to start the work week yeah? Someone's gotta spice things up around here... 😛 Have a great week y'all!

Talk to me!
* Thoughts on Tiger Woods' crash? Something's fishy yeah?
* Any "New Moon" reviews out there (good or bad)?
* Other movies you wanna see? I kinda wanna see Ninja Assassin (though not a big fan of Rain playing the lead role) and This Is It.
* Thoughts on Adam Lambert's AMA performance?
* Christmas plans? All set?


Survey Thursday: Allergies?

August 13th, 2009

So during my trip to Alaska last month, I strangely broke out in hives after taking a jog after dinner. In trying to figure out if it was the shellfish I ate just prior, I set up an appointment with the allergy specialist at my doc's office. For anyone who's ever done this kinda test, it's very strange. They poke your arms up and down with known allergens. The ones that get puffy are the ones you're allergic to. Pretty old school, caveman-kine testing, but hey, it works.

Turns out I'm rather allergic to mold, grass and dust mites (but I'm thinking "who ain't"!?), and fairly allergic to cockroaches. Yeah cockroaches! What the? How the heck did they test that!? Did they prick me with some of their juicy goodness? Yikes!

This interesting life experience led me to today's survey question:

Is yous allergic to anything and if so, what?

Wifey is lactose intolerant (does that count?), and I know of some peeps who are highly allergic to shellfish. I know when I dive around during softball games, my legs and arms get all itchy kine, so grass for me, is one fo sho. And, after that crazy test, I guess I can't mess around too much with any more B52s! Awww, that makes me sad. I'm gonna miss those cute lil' buggahs! Hehe! 😛

K, your turn! What you be allergic to yo? 😉

Happy Survey Thursday... Woo Hoo it's almost TGI(F)F!

Chris Brown's Video Apology

July 23rd, 2009

I know, I know, it's like 3 days after the fact, but I already had some blogs queued up yo. Cut me some slack. 😛

Anyway, if you didn't already catch this, here's Chris Brown's video apology to Rihanna and his fans. Since it's Survey Thursday, let's list some questions for you to answer at the bottom...

[youtube n4SD6oBvbKY nolink]

Talk to me!
* Do you believe him?
* Do you care?
* Well scripted by him or his PR people?
* Once a beater, always a beater?
* Is growing up in an abusive home an excuse?
* Too little, too late?
* How would you have handled this if you were Chris?
* What would you do if you were Rihanna?
* What would you do if you were Rihanna's parent?
* What would you do if you were Rihanna's next boyfriend?
* Interested in Chris Brown's career going forward?