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Post Your Interview Questions for Chad Owens!

March 19th, 2013

OK gang. It's time to get interactive again and post your questions for another local celebrity... CFL juggernaut Chad Owens! Much like we did for:

I'm trying to work out an interview with pro football sensation Chad Owens in the coming days/weeks (depending on our schedules) and would love to include your questions. So in the comment area below, post the questions you'd like me to ask him.

Chad Owens back in Hawaii (Courtesy: @chadowens2 on Instagram)
Chad Owens back in Hawaii (Courtesy: @chadowens2 on Instagram)

As a recap, Chad Owens - a former Roosevelt Rough Rider and University of Hawaii Warrior standout - is coming off of an AMAZING 2012 CFL season with the Toronto Argonauts! First, with individual honors, breaking the all-time, single season all-purpose yards record (previously held by "Pinball" Clemons), becoming the first player in professional football to record back to back to BACK seasons with 3,000+ combined all-purpose yards, and then, winning the league's Most Outstanding Player award! Then, he scored the opening touchdown en route to his team's 35-22 home win over the Calgary Stampeders in the 100th Grey Cup championship game... All with a broken thumb!!! Here's his post-game interview. As if that weren't enough, he is also hard at work, training for his first MMA fight on the April 6th Destiny "Na Koa III" card. Click here for more details on that.

Chad is also a supporter of my Hawaii Lifestyle brand: VH07V. Here he is in his Red/White colorway during a press conference earlier this season.

World Champion Chad Owens sporting his Red/White VH07V colorway
World Champion Chad Owens sporting his Red/White VH07V colorway


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And finally, here's a cool, remix video of a Chad Owens interview from Hawaii Self Storage!

[youtube j5WZQSEfKRA nolink]
"Chad Owens (Grey Cup Champion Version)" - Hawaii Self Storage

10 Responses to “Post Your Interview Questions for Chad Owens!”

  1. Big Jim:

    Hi Chad. I have three questions. Is pro football in Canada better than college football was in the WAC? Is it better than high school football in Hawaii? Could Kahuku beat your current team? Thanks so much.

  2. Dean:

    Hey Chad, been following you since the UH days. Congratulation on all your success!

    My question, what do you think are the most effective way to improve the lives of our keiki today and tomorrow through sports? Any plans on one day becoming a coach or mentor for children?

  3. rayboyjr:

    Chad: Any possible re-entry back into the NFL? Any try-out or work-outs for NFL teams?

  4. rayboyjr:

    Chad: Does the wider field and bigger endzone make the game better or easier?

  5. rayboyjr:

    Chad: What's the deal with the goal post in the endzone? Have you ever run into the goal post running across the field?

  6. rayboyjr:

    Chad: Please explain the field goal/missed field goal rules.

  7. Debbie Bruce:

    Aloha Chad,

    You are such a wonderful ambassador for Hawaii and such a positive influence on our youth. How do you feel about the Fan Aloha that follows you everywhere you go? Does it help feed your success?

  8. che:

    Go Rough Riders!!!

  9. @KsCollectables:

    Hi Chad

    All the best with your MMA debut, #ARGONATION does not want to see ya get hurt.
    As a child growing up did you fight in the back allys, was it rough were you you grow up?
    Did always want to try MMA?


  10. World Wide Ed:

    Thanks for the questions y'all! I'm hoping to meet up with him soon. Will include your questions in the Q&A section. Shoots!