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Hawaii Ramen Quest - Part III

December 1st, 2011

With winter in full swing and Hawaii's "chilly" weather freezing everyone to the core 😛 , there's no better comfort food than a nice, hot, steamy bowl of ramen. And while eating at some of my go-to ramen picks (i.e. Yotteko-Ya, Tenkaippin, etc.) would be ideal, sometimes, patronizing your friendly, neighborhood ramen spots is the way to go to help warm the soul.

This next batch of spots in our Hawaii Ramen Quest consists of some of the more non-traditional, localized interpretations of ramen. Stemming from what appears to be of local Chinese influence (with the use of cabbage, bean sprouts, corn, mapo tofu, etc.), these ramen joints often have multiple locations in very convenient areas around town, and I would venture to guess that they are conceivably some of the most popular amongst the locals. Although I don't associate any of these with the "straight from tha muthaland" flavor and style of ramen I'm accustomed to, there's no doubt that I still frequent many of these for my noodle fix on the regular. [Continued...]

[Hawaii Ramen Quest - Part III
Hawaii Ramen Quest - Part III

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7 Responses to “Hawaii Ramen Quest - Part III”

  1. Ynaku:

    dang it, you made my sandwich tasteless after looking through those pics. It's been cold at night and early morning. Ramen sounds so good right now.

  2. che:

    Now I get it. Some of your Where is Ed pictures are from your ramen quest.

  3. Paco:

    What a great job you have! Eating ramen with good-looking women! I have to say you work with some attractive women!

  4. Paco:

    I always thought it was the Genki Ramen owner who just opened Ramen Ya. Though I couldn't figure out why the name change? But I know some of the Genki Ramen employees moved to Maui to open and work at the Kahului Ramen Ya location. I know at least one moved back to the Mauka location. I'll have to ask the next time we eat there.

  5. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Errr-One!!! 😎

    ... hey Ed ... is eating part of your job o wot?!! ... haha!! ... nah, I'm just jealous because you probably go to more Ramen shops in a week than I go to in a whole year ... seriously!!! ...

    ... I love Ramen, but I prefer simple ... the broth is what does it for me ... Shoyu or Char Siu Ramen for me ... hey, I love Miso and Curry ... but not necessarily in the Ramen ... and sometimes it looks more like a plate lunch than a bowl of Ramen ... Chicken Katsu in the Ramen??? ... ok, I'll pass on that one ...

    ... when do you normally go out for Ramen??? ... in town, though ... maybe I'll just go out for Ramen every week for the rest of the year ... and I'll probably find you in one of them ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  6. carokun:

    gee, with this rainy weather, ramen does sound nice. 🙂 have a good weekend everyone!

  7. Coconut Willy:

    Back in the day....Miso Ramen at Daruma on Keeaumoku.

    Have you ever tried Young's Ramen in Salt Lake? I know with a name like Young's, cannot be authentic. But, it's all we got in the area (besides Sumo down the hill)