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Got it? Grab it. [Guest Blog by NeedaHobby]

December 10th, 2010

by NeedaHobby

Every Christmas season, I'm in search of that great grab bag gift. Of course, everyone as their own opinion of a great gift. I would appreciate Claire Robinson's “5-Ingredient Fix” cookbook, but really, would the next person? The buying is a little easier when you know the crowd you are buying for - a group of friends or family members. But, what do you when you need a generic unisex gift? Would guys go gaga over the latest eco-friendly tote bag, Hawaiian printed insulated lunch bag, or pretty coffee cup. Or, ladies over that Black Friday-acquired flashlight, tape measure, or screwdriver set? Probably not.

What about grab bag games? What's you favorite? Personally, I love the cut-throat version. That's where you have the option of either stealing another's gift or selecting a new gift from the pile. Don't you feel proud when it's your gift that's being stolen over and over? And, at least with this game, there is a better chance that you get a gift you like; and, not something that gets re-gifted for next year.

What do you when there are more people than grab bag gifts? The obvious answer would be that the person who didn't bring a gift doesn't participate. But, what if you don't know who the non-gifter is? As party host, are you required to put in the missing gift; or opt out of the exchange?

And, when it's stated to bring a $10 gift – that means $10, not less, right?

Please share any grab bag ideas/suggestions you may have. At this point, a gift card to the ever-popular Costco or Longs is looking great. I'm just wondering if I should disguise the gift-wrapping somehow.


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26 Responses to “Got it? Grab it. [Guest Blog by NeedaHobby]”

  1. tomatotomahto:

    A great grab bag gift would be a McKinley Car Wash gift certificate for one car wash. $10 & change would cover a passenger car, sorry SUVs, trucks and larger vehicles cost more. But I drive a small car and since I take her there 2x/month, this would be the perfect gift for me.

  2. masako:

    Grab bags at Christmas parties......It all depends on the crowd. Every year at work we used to do the cut throat one. We would have fun, laugh and it seemed that everyone was a good sport. This year when we had our Christmas party planning meeting it came out that there were hard feelings so we decided not to do it anymore. Personally it doesn't matter what I end up with because its all in fun but I guess other people think differently. I also been to parties where when the stealing game is done we have to pass the gift to the right or left.
    I find it weird that there would be less grab bags than people....why would someone participate if they didn't bring one? In fact at some parties I been to there were extras.
    Yeah the 10 dollar thing...sometimes people bring things that are obviously under the dollar value, maybe thats why some people at my workplace were habut. But there are also the people who spend more.
    Some people at my work would give gag gifts like condoms or racy calendars, once there was even a girly magazine. Our boss put a stop to stuff like that.
    As far as giving, I like to give food or gift cards. I wrap the giftcards up in a box or package. Once when I was in a pinch I put 10 bucks in a plain envelope and that was the hot item that people kept stealing.
    When choosing a grab bag I go for the ones that are obviously gift cards or food cause I can always make use of stuff like that.

  3. rayboyjr:

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Happy VHO7V Friday Y'all 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    ... hey NeedaHobby ... kind of a drab, rainy morning ... but Aloha Friday nonetheless ... actually, I really like the chilly wintery mornings ... it's the wet, wet, wet rain I could do without ... I think I hear ducks outside **quack quack** ...

    ... anyway, I haven't done the grab bag thing in a while ... mostly because as you said ... too many people can't follow simple rules ... and I used to always spend way over the limit ... I didn't care ... and I never expected much in the gift I'd receive ...

    ... oh, and I tried to be creative in the wrapping as you mentioned ... I tried to be funny ... but some people probably thought it was weird or perverted ... I'd find the strangest empty box ... of whatever I could find ... butter, air freshener, tampons, etc ... and put the gift inside and wrap it ...

    ... ok, it was a bit weird ... but all in fun ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  4. NeedaHobby:

    Good morning and Happy VHO7V Friday! Hope everyone is managing on staying dry!

  5. NeedaHobby:

    @tomatotomahto - a car wash. Never thought of that, great idea! Just gotta wait to use the ticket until after this rain storm passes, huh?

    @masako - that's too bad that your office didn't do the grab bag exchange this year. I agree, it should be all in fun and no sense getting habut.

    Yup, believe it or not, I actually have been to a party where we were short gifts. Apparently, the non-gifters still participated in the exchange. Unreal ...

    Cash, huh? Actually, I seem to recall it being a hot commodity at one of our parties, also ... just gotta be a little creative with the wrapping, yeah?

    @rayboyjr - that's very generous of you to give more than the required amount. I also see some people stealing another's gift, just because they know that person is not happy with what they got.

    And by the way, what are YOU doing with a tampon box? 😆

  6. tita leerz:

    we do those grab bag games where you can year, had two pyrex glass pans with cover and taveling bag going around. hot commodity that year for the women. we fought a long battle for those!

  7. tita leerz:

    one year, i ended up with a box of phone books with a frisbee at the bottom. everyone else knew who it was but i didn't. i was happy my dog got a new toy and i said that outloud. they laughed cuz they all know my dog likes to chew on his toys. later, i wanted to kick his okole around. cuz...if you going, go all the way not half okole kine. if you no can, neva mind...just no participate! but my dog was still happy.

  8. Kage:

    One year for the family we did grab bag gifts where you had to wrap it in brown paper and red ribbon so no one would know who brought what.

    Then we played games to figure out who will grab in what order. You could not open the package until the end. Someone could grab your package and you will get another one. Still not knowing what is inside.

    In the end we all opened and some did quick exchanges. It was fun because of the mystery factor.

  9. Kage:

    At work we did grab bags and is was stated, up to $10. So of course there were some that was considerably less than the max $10 amount. It was all in fun, so no bad feelings.

    One year some wrapped up re-gift items they did not use. The small ice cream/sorbet maker was a hot item that kept getting taken away.

  10. Rosette:

    okay for ten a sack of carry that!

  11. Rosette:

    well...did it say not to bring crack myself up!

  12. Rosette:

    sack of rice pass that around and around then someone steals half a bag.... you are left with half a bag!!

  13. NeedaHobby:

    @tita leerz - phone books? That must've thrown people off! Hopefully, the frisbee lasted a little while with your dog as a chew toy 😉

    This is off-topic, and, will probably annoy Ed, but what do you think of Fabio's new look on Top Chef All-Stars?

  14. tita leerz:

    I like the old look better but I still think he's pretty. :p lol.....waiting for another "monkey a$$$ in clamshell" line to come out of his mouth.

    I'm enjoying All-Stars. Jen was killin me the other night. What's up with the 'tude?! I'm glad she got booted. ...I wish they brought back that spaz "culinary boner" guy.

  15. NeedaHobby:

    @Kage - your family game sounds intriguing. So, sounds like you were basing your "takes" on the wrapping. Did good things come in small packages? 😉

    Actually, if everyone brought a re-gift item as a grab bag, that might be kinda fun. Save everyone the $10. Just gotta make sure you don't re-gift something from last year's work party. Ha!

    @Rosette - too bad, it's hard to find a 20# bag for $10 these days. I remember when (it wasn't that long ago), we could get two 20# for less than $10. Ah, the good ole days.

  16. NeedaHobby:

    Looks like Fabio has longer hair but less facial hair - go figure. I still need to finish watching the 2nd ep, although, I knew Jen was the one who got kicked off. Got a spoiler when I went to get a haircut.

    Couldn't remember and had to google "culinary boner" ... OH ... the oompah loompah (sp?) guy! 😆

  17. tita leerz:

    oompah loompah? was he? i can't remember.
    but for sure he's the one that was like ADD or on crack cuz just like he always wanted to false someone or go postal.

  18. Rosette:

    oh really...I am out of touch son does the grocery used to be $ 9.00 up to $12.00 for bag of rice...

    FINE for ten bucks the GUY WILL GET SPAM and dental floss!

    Option THREE split five bucks have two gifts..his and hers...

    HIS ....toothbrush and sensodyne toothpaste... dental flosss for dollar
    HerS... toothbrush and sensodyne toothpaste... dental flosss for dollar

    okay...mine would be if the first person guess the number inside the box wins ten bucks!

  19. Rosette:

    number one to ten!

  20. Rosette:

    maybe have a game..if you want certain thing guess for it...

  21. Rosette:

    I guess if everybody agree if they had hard felling maybe try the food thing..order food if you want to put in five bucks each...

  22. Rosette:

    oh sheesh with food you have to make sure everybody can eat have to ask everybody and see what food you can son's work the workplace had food party at lunch they had Chinese take out ... the company paid for it

  23. Chicken Grease:

    I would love one of the recent Rubik's cubes ('specially the monochrome/grey/silver ones) . . . and I wouldn't mind giving 'em, too 🙂 .

  24. soogs:

    one year, i wrapped up a costco pack of AA batteries. it was round $8 - $9. i think that gift got stolen the most! with all the electronic gadgets we have nowadays, erryone needs batteries.

  25. NeedaHobby:

    @tita - ADD ... that wouldn't surprise me. For some reason, I always used to get Andrew mixed up w/ Spike. Not sure why.

    @Rosette - Spam? Toothpaste/floss? Haha.

    @CG - Ahh, the Rubiks cube. I could never solve those ... unless I had directions 😉

    @soogs - batteries - good idea! Either Home Depot or Lowes had batteries really cheap on Black Friday this year. Was something crazy like $5 for a 30-pack of AAs.

    Have a good week everyone! 🙂

  26. tita leerz:

    I used to get Andrew and Spike mixed up too!

    Speaking of Spike...Spike returns to Hawaii 5-0! I knew he would be back! They neva find his body das why from da first episode! yes yes, different spike.