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Movies In My Pants (#moviesinmypants)

November 1st, 2010

Happy November 1st y'all! I hope you're all recovered from a lonnnng weekend of Halloween partying. *grin*

So the other day on Twitter, the hilarious #moviesinmypants hashtag picked up a lot of steam. It's a funny game that cracked me up and made me think about you guys. The idea is to think of a movie name and fill in the blank for the following statement:

__________ In My Pants

The more creative you get with the movie titles, the more we'll crack each other up. Yes it's juvenile... but what the hey, it's a good way to help each other get through this Monday together right? LOL!

So in the comment area below, post your favorite movie in your pants! Hurr's an example: "40 Year Old Virgin In My Pants"... Ahahaha! Get um?


In other news, check out my new article (including videos!) on

Cougar Pride - Three Kaiser High Grads Making a Difference
Cougar Pride - Three Kaiser High Grads Making a Difference


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160 Responses to “Movies In My Pants (#moviesinmypants)”

  1. Kage:

    Pretty in Pink in my pants.

  2. Kage:

    St. Elmo's Fire in my pants.

  3. Kage:

    The Sixth Sense in my pants.

  4. kuya.d:

    To Wong Foo in my pants

  5. tita leerz:

    Kuyaz....and to all who want to know....the word borat, in a certain southern philippine language means "fat lips." IF ya know what i mean jellybeans. :p

  6. kuya.d:

    @leerz - hahaha ... Mahalo for the knowledge!

  7. kuya.d:

    For the Will Smith fans ...

    I, Robot in my pants
    I Am Legend in my pants
    The Pursuit of Happyness in my pants
    Hancock in my pants
    Seven Pounds in my pants


  8. tita leerz: about Independence Day in my pants
    Fresh Prince (i know, not a movie) in my pants

  9. World Wide Ed:

    I Am Legend! LOL!

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