Movies In My Pants (#moviesinmypants)

November 1st, 2010

Happy November 1st y'all! I hope you're all recovered from a lonnnng weekend of Halloween partying. *grin*

So the other day on Twitter, the hilarious #moviesinmypants hashtag picked up a lot of steam. It's a funny game that cracked me up and made me think about you guys. The idea is to think of a movie name and fill in the blank for the following statement:

__________ In My Pants

The more creative you get with the movie titles, the more we'll crack each other up. Yes it's juvenile... but what the hey, it's a good way to help each other get through this Monday together right? LOL!

So in the comment area below, post your favorite movie in your pants! Hurr's an example: "40 Year Old Virgin In My Pants"... Ahahaha! Get um?


In other news, check out my new article (including videos!) on

Cougar Pride - Three Kaiser High Grads Making a Difference
Cougar Pride - Three Kaiser High Grads Making a Difference


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160 Responses to “Movies In My Pants (#moviesinmypants)”

  1. kuya.d:

    Save the Last Dance in my Pants

  2. kuya.d:

    40 Days and 40 Nights in my Pants

  3. kuya.d:

    For the exotic dancers ... Singles in my Pants

  4. Hilomikey:

    Big Daddy in my pants. #moviesinmypants

  5. rayboyjr:

    There's Something About Mary In My Pants ...

  6. rayboyjr:

    Anaconda In My Pants ...

  7. rayboyjr:

    Gone in Sixty Seconds In My Pants ...

  8. rayboyjr:

    Hardball In My Pants ...

  9. rayboyjr:

    Antz In My Pants ...

  10. Chicken Grease:

    Die Hard In My Pants.

  11. Mallory:

    Iron Man in my pants

    BTW, I was definitely one of the people tweeting this topic like crazy on Saturday. I've never had so much fun with a trending topic.

  12. World Wide Ed:


  13. Chicken Grease:

    Godzilla in my pants.

  14. Kage:

    Land of the Lost in my pants.

  15. Kage:

    Dodgeball in my pants.

  16. Kage:

    Single White Female in my pants.

  17. Kage:

    Amityville Horror in my pants.

  18. Kage:

    The Hangover in my pants.

  19. Kage:

    The Fast and the Furious in my pants.

  20. Kage:

    The Omen in my pants.

  21. Kage:

    Boogie Nights in my pants.

  22. kuya.d:

    Electric Boogaloo in my pants

  23. Takeshi:

    Grease in my pants

  24. Takeshi:

    There Will Be Blood in my pants

  25. kuya.d:

    Good Will Hunting in my pants

  26. tita leerz:


  27. tita leerz:

    Aliens in my pants

  28. tita leerz:

    Breakfast club in my pants

  29. tita leerz:

    Mighty ducks in my pants

  30. tita leerz:

    Crouching tiger, hidden dragon in my pants

  31. tita leerz:

    Star wars in my pants

  32. tita leerz:

    Fast times (at Ridgemont high) in my pants

  33. tita leerz:

    Adventures of harold and kumar in my pants.


  34. tita leerz:

    Not another scary movie in my pants

  35. tita leerz:

    Halloween in my pants
    Scream in my pants
    Nightmare (on Elm Street) in my pants
    Dumb and Dumber in my pants

  36. tita leerz:

    Secret of the Traveling pants in my pants

  37. tita leerz:

    Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood in my pants!!!!

    *high five*

  38. tita leerz:

    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in my pants

    *oh i'm crying now*

  39. tita leerz:

    Drunken Master in my pants

  40. tita leerz:

    The Legend of Shaolin is in my pants!

  41. tita leerz:

    Transformers are in my pants

  42. tita leerz:

    The Cat's Meow
    Charlotte's Web
    GI Joe
    ..........i should get back to work now. lunch is over.

  43. tita leerz:

    In honor of election day: Wag the Dog in my pants!

  44. Kage:

    this is too much fun.


  45. tita leerz:

    Scent of a Woman is in my pants

  46. tita leerz:

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are in my pants

  47. tita leerz:

    That Darn Cat is in my pants...ahem...cough..

  48. tita leerz:

    See No Evil in my pants. :p

  49. tita leerz:

    The Seven Year Itch in my pants.

  50. tita leerz:

    Shaggy Dog in my pants

  51. tita leerz:

    One more...i make fifty.....

    Small soldiers in my pants! parump bump ching!

  52. snow:

    LOL... omg... too funny! :lol:

    dog day afternoon in my pants.

  53. snow:

    superman in my pants

  54. snow:

    beauty and the beast in my pants.
    mr. and mrs. smith in my pants.
    rainman in my pants.

  55. snow:

    grease in my pants.
    saturday night fever in my pants.
    dirty dancing in my pants.

  56. snow:

    the grudge in my pants.

  57. tweetpeep22:

    omg this is too hilarious...

    -zach and miri make a porno in my pants
    -the social network in my pants
    -12 angry men in my pants
    -the wizard of oz in my pants
    -the goonies in my pants
    -lethal weapon in my pants (all sequels included, lol)
    -tropic thunder in my pants

    oh i could think of more... this was pretty funny ed!

  58. Stickit:

    Brah you going make me re-write the stuff I tweeted? Bastid! 7 Samurai in my pants...Deepest Impact in my pants....Armaggeddon in my pants...Departures in my pants....

  59. Chicken Grease:

    Heh. All of these are great.

    Surprised no one got this one yet . . . # 1 at the box office over the weekend; I mean, still, it's the sequel, but . . . ah . . . take a look.

    Saw in my pants.

  60. Chicken Grease:

    Here, from a hit Korean movie.

    A Good Lawyer's Wife in my pants.

  61. kuya.d:

    The Toy in my pants

  62. kuya.d:

    Why Did I Get Married in my pants

  63. kuya.d:

    Blue Crush in my pants

  64. kuya.d:

    8 Miles in my pants

  65. kuya.d:

    The Italian Job in my pants

  66. Rosette:

    attention please hello anybody around!

    I need eroctically provocative sensual pants!

  67. Rosette:

    MY amatory affairs with pants!

  68. Rosette:


  69. Rosette:


  70. Rosette:


  71. Rosette:

    the secret love affair written in my pants!

  72. Rosette:

    crushed nuts in my pants!

  73. Rosette:

    the wedged cucumbers in my pants!

  74. Rosette:

    wanted mature experienced warm hand in my pants! OMG! I CRACK MYSELF UP!

  75. Rosette:

    Sensually yours in my pants!

  76. AlMan68:

    No one got this one?

    It's a Wonderful Life - in my pants

  77. AlMan68:

    Gone in Sixty Seconds - in my pants

  78. AlMan68:

    Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo - in my pants

  79. AlMan68:

    Monster - in my pants

  80. AlMan68:

    Moby Dick - in my pants.

    Yeah, I think I'll stop now....

  81. AlMan68:


    Meet the Deedles - in my pants

  82. AlMan68:

    Herbie: Fully Loaded - in my pants


  83. AlMan68:

    Big Top Pee Wee - in my pants

  84. AlMan68:

    Octopussy - in my pants?

    To much?

  85. AlMan68:

    You Got Served - in my pants

  86. AlMan68:

    Freddy Got Fingered - in my pants.

    Yes these are all movie titles

  87. AlMan68:

    The Dark Knight Rises - in my pants

    For all you Batman fans

  88. AlMan68:

    Ed, you should be giving out points for some of these!

  89. AlMan68:

    And about half of the movies on this page - in my pants.

    Good night, don't forget to tip your waitress......................

  90. bB:

    top gun in my pants

  91. bB:

    gone with the wind in my pants

  92. bB:

    the wiz in my pants

  93. bB:

    robin hood in my pants

  94. bB:

    from here to eternity in my pants

  95. bB:

    the scorpion king in my pants

  96. bB:

    warriors in my pants

  97. bB:

    rush hour in my pants

  98. bB:

    fools rush in my pants

  99. bB:

    cool hand luke in my pants

  100. bB:

    any given sunday in my pants

  101. bB:

    the ugly truth in my pants

  102. bB:

    the godfather in my pants

  103. MakiSushi:

    Porky's in my pants

  104. MakiSushi:

    Batman Begins in my pants

  105. MakiSushi:

    Finding Nemo in my pants

  106. MakiSushi:

    It happens every spring in my pants

  107. MakiSushi:

    Ghostbusters in my pants

  108. MakiSushi:

    As good as it gets in my pants

    happy election day everybody - get out and vote!

  109. che:

    The one day I don't check the site and a new post.

    Jaws in my pants?

  110. che:

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind in my pants

  111. che:

    The Two Towers in my pants (doesn't sound right).

  112. che:

    The Right Stuff in my pants

  113. che:

    Ants in my pants

  114. kuya.d:

    Sliver in my pants

  115. kuya.d:

    The Replacements in my pants

  116. kuya.d:

    Down to You in my pants

  117. kuya.d:

    The Princess Diaries in my pants

  118. kuya.d:

    Big in my pants

  119. kuya.d:

    Because I Said So in my pants

  120. kuya.d:

    A Walk to Remember in my pants

  121. kuya.d:

    The Firm ... in ... my ... pants.

  122. Rosette:

    HOT FULLY loaded and ready in my pants!

  123. Rosette:

    beware .... a guy that say hey kid I got candy in my pants

  124. Rosette:

    approach with extreme caution danger ready to explode in my pants

  125. Rosette:

    well oiled pump it in my pants

  126. World Wide Ed:

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! These are all cracking me up!!!!!!!!!!

  127. Coconut Willy:

    40 First Dates in my pants

  128. NaPueo:

    The Magnificent Seven in my pants.

  129. kuya.d:

    This is for Ed:

    Love and Basketball in my pants
    The Natural in my pants
    and wait for it ... wait for it ...

    Borat in my pants

  130. World Wide Ed:

    Verry Niiiiice! ;)

  131. MakiSushi:

    Mr. Smith goes to Washington in my pants

  132. MakiSushi:

    It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world in my pants

  133. MakiSushi:

    the Blob in my pants

  134. MakiSushi:

    When Harry met Sally in my pants

  135. MakiSushi:

    Seven Samurai in my pants

  136. MakiSushi:

    Goldfinger in my pants

  137. MakiSushi:

    Splash in my pants

  138. MakiSushi:

    The Negotiator in my pants

  139. MakiSushi:

    I Know what you did last summer in my pants

  140. MakiSushi:

    The Producers in my pants

  141. MakiSushi:

    the Princess Bride in my pants

  142. MakiSushi:

    My Favorite Year in my pants

  143. MakiSushi:

    It could happen to you in my pants

    Good night all, hope your favorite candidates won!

  144. Kage:

    What Lies Beneath my pants.

  145. Kage:

    The Hereafter in my pants.

  146. Kage:

    Tales from the Crypt in my pants.

  147. Kage:

    The Last Starfighter in my pants.

  148. Kage:

    Poltergeist in my pants.

  149. Kage:

    Car Wash in my pants.

  150. Kage:

    Watership Down in my pants.

  151. Kage:

    Pretty in Pink in my pants.

  152. Kage:

    St. Elmo's Fire in my pants.

  153. Kage:

    The Sixth Sense in my pants.

  154. kuya.d:

    To Wong Foo in my pants

  155. tita leerz:

    Kuyaz....and to all who want to know....the word borat, in a certain southern philippine language means "fat lips." IF ya know what i mean jellybeans. :p

  156. kuya.d:

    @leerz - hahaha ... Mahalo for the knowledge!

  157. kuya.d:

    For the Will Smith fans ...

    I, Robot in my pants
    I Am Legend in my pants
    The Pursuit of Happyness in my pants
    Hancock in my pants
    Seven Pounds in my pants


  158. tita leerz: about Independence Day in my pants
    Fresh Prince (i know, not a movie) in my pants

  159. World Wide Ed:

    I Am Legend! LOL!

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