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Manswers Monday: Non-Alcoholic Beer

December 7th, 2009

OK, folks. Mixin' it up again and trying something new here. With one of the most entertaining/hilarious shows on TV (at least for me) back for its second season, I thought it'd be fun to do a little Manswers Monday trivia, in honor of Manswers on Spike TV (Oceanic Channel 76 or Digital Channel 559 8) ).

As I'm not really sure how open y'all are to risque topics (e.g. 58008 LOL!), I'll start with a rather tame one. 😛

How many non-alcoholic beers would it take to get drunk?

Here are some tidbits from the show to help:

WARNING: Excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous and could kill you. Don't do it, dude!
Non-alcoholic beer is made just like regular beer. After the beer has been brewed, the alcohol is removed by heating it up to alcohol's boiling point, where the alcohol then evaporates. However, this will not remove all the alcohol. It leaves about 1/2 of 1% (.5%), which is about 1/8th the strength of near beer. According to the University of Oklahoma, 15 "non-alcoholic" beers will give an average guy a blood alcohol level of .02% (.08% is considered legally drunk).

Don't you just love how they make it all scientific? So funny, yet so ridiculous! Ahahahaha!

Talk to me!
* How many non-alcoholic beers do YOU think it takes to get drunk? Don't cheat and watch the online video! 😉
* Are you open to chatting about some of the more "racier" topics from this show?
* What other shows do you want me to watch and dish about. Please don't say Top Chef. 😛
* Do you drink or have you ever drank non-alcoholic beer? Why? 8)
* What is your favorite regular kine beer?
* Anyone catch the Ultimate Fighter Finale fights? Thoughts on Kimbo Slice's performance? Thoughts on other fights?
* Y'all ready and excited for BJ Penn's fight this Saturday at UFC 107?
* How's your Monday and week looking so far?

56 Responses to “Manswers Monday: Non-Alcoholic Beer”

  1. Rosette:

    yes non alcohol breast milk unless the mother is drunk! HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR A BABY TO GET DRUNK WITH THAT..oh dear!

  2. Rosette:

    urine test.....!

  3. Rosette:

    imagine a cheap drunk recyle his beer oh still has alcohol in that urine there! ARGHHHH.....

  4. kuya.d:

    @Ed - seriously, please thank your OC16 pal for the broadcast of the Eddie Aikau ... priceless! And I never need fight traffic and park illegally.

    Props to Chile's Ramon Navarro for his ride that scored a perfect 100. (Champ Greg Long also scored a 100).

  5. kuya.d:

    @Rosette - #50, yowza! *smh*

  6. uncle jimmy:


    kuya is right..

    sat in my LA office on a 40 degree morning an' watched The Eddie online.. and saw Keone Downing whom I paddled wit' 40 years ago out there on da waves.. way, way, way too cool fo' school..

    btw, wut am i doin' in LA, bah? puck up, yeah???