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Fave Five Friday - Music Groups

July 24th, 2009

My co-worker was laughing at me the other day when I told her that I'm really into Rockapella. Some also find it hard to believe that I dig on country music. What other secrets can we pull outta me? We shall see. But not without y'all sharin' too!

  1. Flo Rida or Twista - there's just somethin' about Flo Rida's beat that makes me wanna get up and dance. Twista's flow is insane! Respect.
  2. Jason Mraz - cool cat with mellow, catchy grooves. Seeing that he's a genuinely sincere/nice person when we met him at the Road Runner Music Hall just solidified my respect and admiration for him.
  3. Colbie Caillat - kinda da kine for me to admit this, but sistah's got some good kine jams. I like that she's from Hawaii and that she seems to still be grounded after all of her success. Trying to line up an interview with her one of these months. Wish me luck!
  4. Rockapella - can't think of any other a capella group as talented as these bruthas! I need them to redo their lyrics to "Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego?" and sing "Where In Hawaii Is Edward Sugimoto?"! 😛
  5. O.A.R. - My alt rock ear gets its fill with this group. Love the brass infusion! 8)

How about the local acts?

  1. Ekolu - Lukela Keala's voice is a thing of beauty!
  2. Koa 'Uka - ultimate party song band. Makes me wanna skank. I still wanna see them in person.
  3. Justin Young - soulful voice with a laid-back, humble personality. Deservedly goin' places now that he's rollin' with sistah Colbie.
  4. Na Leo - spine-tingling harmonies, memory inducing hits. Don't get no bettah.
  5. Fiji - his live appearances are like no other! He knows how to get a crowd going fo sho!

Share your fave groups below yo!

P.S. Wish me luck in the Tinman this Sunday y'all! 🙂 The bummahz part is that we play the Advertiser that night in our Media Basketball league and my legs will be shot. D'oh! If we lose, I won't hear the end of it from Queenie, WesNaks and Bruddah Kwon (and maybe even StevieT! 8) ) LOL!

Happy VHO7V Friday y'all! Have a good weekend and I'll see y'all on Monday! 🙂

46 Responses to “Fave Five Friday - Music Groups”

  1. Coconut Willy:

    I'm pretty much Old Skool when it comes to music. Maybe except for whomever is on Disney that my kids are watching. But those Jonas Bros stink!
    That Demi Lovato tune is kinda catchy. Oops, did I say that with my outside voice?

    1. Van Halen. I wanted to be Eddie in my next life. And have you seen Valerie lately? Whoa!

    2. Earth, Wind, & Fire. The old stuff with Maurice White.

    3. Journey. With Steve Perry. But that new guy can wail!

    4. Led Zepplin. I gotta be in the mood tho.

    5. Steely Dan. Mellow, but complex.

    Local stuff.

    Peter Moon

    Good Luck on Sunday, and remember
    "Oz never did give nothing to the tin man
    That he didnt, didnt already have"

    Go get 'um!

  2. NaPueo:

    The Moody Blues
    Mannheim Steamroller
    Grateful Dead
    Procol Harem

  3. NaPueo:

    oops mean

  4. YN:

    how about utada hikaru's new english album?

  5. Center Of Thought:

    Musically, I'm all over the place - the cool thing is that I've raised my son (now 15 y/o) to embrace a diversity in everything, including music, so he actually GET'S it...anyway, it's f'n difficult to just prop up the Top 5 - out of thousands, maybe, but here ya iz...

    Led Zeppelin
    The Cure
    Jane's Addiction
    Wu Tang Clan

    Local (I admit, being in NYC now, I kinda lose touch with wassup back home lately, but I love my all time classic 808 favorites), so here ya iz 1 mo time...

    Peter Moon
    Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole
    The Brothers Cazimero
    Keali'i Reichel

    Kay, Ed - much luck with the race, and even more luck with surviving the game that nite. Remember, the legs will do what the mind tells them to, so you'll be fine...Aloha!

  6. unca juncz:

    yeah, i can tell by the acts will go out of way to see, esp. steely dan who we flew from LA to Berkeley to see last year.. prolly see them again when my Sis flies down from Oakland in late August.. they're doing "albums+" at each show here, featuring Aja on 8/21.. Sis isn't a fan.. her daughter's name is Aja..

    New Yardbirds (Led)

    Willy K
    Country C

    lots of guud ones to choose from, yeah?

  7. bB:

    i different kind of music like hawaiian, rock, pop, jpop, rap, country. old school, new school so it's hard to pick just 5 each. but i've listening to these people recently.

    ekolu (gotta support maui)
    david choi
    kina grannis
    justin young

  8. bB:

    @yn, didn't know hikaru came out with a english album, i gotta check it out. i always thought she would cross over the usa one day.

  9. Matt:

    based on other answers I'm going to assume that solo acts and defunct acts are included (plus, I mostly listen to sports talk radio now...getting old)
    Travis Tritt
    Alpha Blondy
    Eric B and Rakim

    Sons of Hawaii
    Makaha Sons
    Hui Ohana
    Na Leo
    TJ Mayeshiro

  10. kuya.d:

    oooh, it's tough to keep it to five, for right now, this would be the list:

    Lady Antebellum - they got songwriting skillz.
    Brad Paisley - his music is comedic / sincere wit
    Boyz II Men - always in style ... imho
    Keith Urban - never a bad album from him
    Phillips, Craig, and Dean - this Christian group has strong, tight harmony

    Local stylee, right now:

    Ma'oli - these young Maui boiz got talent
    Ten Feet - Josiah's voice is one of a kind
    Hoku Zuttermeister - Shores of Haleiwa, go listen to it.
    Nathan Awe'au - Super talented, E Apo Mai is a classic album ... It's a must to own.
    Kawa'o - gotta show love to my boi Walt G!

  11. kuya.d:

    @bB - sugarland was close for me ... but I'm digging on Lady A right now.

    @Matt - Alpha Blondy ... sang Jerusalem?

  12. hemajang:

    Yeah, get so many groups but I'll list the concerts/shows that I went to and really enjoyed, all old stuff mind you:

    CCR at HIC
    Rolling Stones at the stadium
    Jefferson Airplane at the Civic
    Country Comfort at the Sty
    Kalapana at the Top of the Shop

    Have a good time at the Tinman, let us know how it turned out...picture of you at the finish please.

  13. kuya.d:

    @Ed - hydrate consitently all weekend, and get in some bananas too. Bust yo' a$$ out there!

    And remember ... "Oz never did give nothing to the tin man that he didn't, didn't already have " ...
    (is that how the lyrics go?)

  14. kuya.d:

    @hemaz - CCR and Country Comfort ... lucky buggah! Those must've been awesome.

  15. che:

    Pat Benatar

    C & K

  16. M:

    Good Morning Ed!

    The Eagles

    Carbo load tonight Ed.

    Good luck on sunday, just have fun and don't get hurt. Drink lot of fluids during the bike and run.

  17. NeedaHobby:

    Wow, hard to limit my list to only 5. My faves are mostly solo acts. I like the female singer-songwriter types:

    Sarah McLachlan
    Ingrid Michaelson
    Rachael Yamagata
    KT Tunstall

    For local artists:

    Na Leo

    Jason Mraz would've been in my top 10. If you like Colbie Caillat's music, I think you would also enjoy Sara Bareilles. Best wishes in your basketball game and tinman race! You can do it! 😉

  18. NeedaHobby:

    @kuya - when did Nathan Awe'au's E Apo Mai come out? I saw him in concert as half of Hapa. He has a beautiful voice and he's hilarious too!

  19. skycastles:

    @bB - Is David Choi the guy with the YouTube love song? That song is great! 🙂

  20. MakiSushi:

    Ed, good luck with the Tinman!!! Going for da extra event too eh, basketball jones. Good luck with da game too! Catch you laters.

  21. jknakas1:

    Dude! I've been a Rockapella fan ever since the Where in the World is Carmen San Diego game show on PBS! Here's my list...

    1. Begin (Okinawan folky jazzy band)
    2. The Rat Pack (Frank, Dean and Sammy)
    3. Ai Otsuka (J-Pop)
    4. Home Made Kazoku (J-pop/rap)
    5. Sergei Rachmaninoff (Classical Composer)


    1. Kalapana
    2. Beamer Bros
    3. C&K
    4. Brother Noland
    5. Hmmm... I've been listening to Rebel Sol Jahz a lot lately

  22. skycastles:

    Fave music is always hard for me because I listen to everything.

    Michael Buble
    Reel Big Fish
    Norah Jones

    Koa Uka
    Natural Vibes

  23. skycastles:

    Oh and I wanna add Pepper to my local list 🙂

  24. Miss Pris:

    1. Coldplay - I can never get enough of their music. Fave song: "Warning Sign"

    2. Kings of Leon - very catchy tunes....I dig their style. If you ever get a chance, listen to the song "Sex on Fire" and pay attention to the lyrics....LOVE IT! haha!

    3. The Strokes - all of their albums are awesome (good music to workout to)

    4. The Arctic Monkeys - another band that has music thats great to listen to when working out.

    5. John Mayer - there's just something about his sexy! I love ALL of his albums!

    As for the local artists....

    1. Opihi Pickers - my all time fave!

    2. Ekolu

    3. Natural Vibrations

    4. Koa'uka

    5. B.E.T. - you remember Joe Daniels from Niu Valley right?

    Good luck in the crazy!!! Have a great weekend! =)

  25. rayboyjr:

    Eh, ha come everybody stay listing SOLO acts ... dis not fave five musical GROUPS oh wat??!! Nah, only jokin' 🙂 ... Even Ed went list solo acts too ...

    I like em all ...

    from Grunge ... Pearl Jam, Nirvana
    to Local ... C&K, Pure Heart, IZ
    to Boy Band ... NSYNC ... Back Street Boys
    to the Old ... Led Zeppelin, Blondie
    to the New .. Black Eyed Peas, No Doubt
    and the newer ... Kanye West, Ne-Yo, Daughtry
    even throw in some country ... Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain, Faith Hill ... hmmm, maybe I like country music for other reasons ...

  26. EMM386:

    Rockapella is really good. Zombie Jamoborie rocks.

    5 groups, huh...that's tough.

    All Time top 5

    1. The Beatles
    2. The Stones
    3. The Beach Boys
    4. Jimi Hendrix
    5. SRV


    1. The Bird and The Bee (F**king Boyfriend is just too awesome)
    2. Mogwai
    3. Carolina Liar
    4. Theory of a Deadman
    5. Neutral Milk Hotel

    Ok. So I cheated a little. It's too difficult to pare down the list to 5.

  27. kako mochi:

    - madonna
    - george michael
    - prince
    - supreme beings of leisure
    - bon jovi

    and for the local flavor...

    - kapena
    - ho'aikane
    - kalapana
    - leahi
    - justin young (loooooove that duet he did w/yasmine - i think that's her name!!)

  28. Matt:

    @kuya: yup.

    also forgot to add Anzen Chitai. that makes six, so...whatever.

  29. World Wide Ed:

    I stay off today (get CHOKE errands to run before race day), but awesome choices so far erryone! And thanks for the well wishes! You da bes! 🙂

  30. NeedaHobby:

    @EMM386 - I bought the Bird and the Bee CD after seeing Sex & the City. I liked their remake of "How Deep Is Your Love" on the soundtrack. I remembering listening to their CD in my car, hearing that Boyfriend song and wondering ... did I hear that right? And, replaying the song, yup, yup ...

  31. t-roy:

    Good luck in your game and in the tinman this sunday, maybe i'll see you there!!!

    as for the music groups:
    1.) O-Shen
    2.) Naturally Seven
    3.) Sudden Rush
    4.) Rockapella
    5.) Kealii Reichel

  32. kuya.d:

    @Hobbz - I pretty sure he won hoku for male artist with that album 03-04ish. I think was right before Hapa-ing.

    And did Rachael Yamagata sing with the group Hem? I like their song, "Receiver".

    Also, have you listened to Angel Taylor?

  33. mcat:

    I like Colbie Caillat & Jason Mraz too! I hope you can get her for an interview... would love to read what she has to say.... Also love:
    - Jack Johnson
    - Norah Jones
    - Gwen Stefani
    Also a bunch of alternative songs.....

  34. mcat:

    good luck w/ Tinman! 🙂

  35. NeedaHobby:

    @kuya - I am familiar with the group Hem but have not heard of the song "Receiver". I only have their "No Word from Tom" CD. Nope, sorry, not familiar with Angel Taylor. Any video clips you could share?

    @Miss Pris - Coldplay would be in my top 10. Their "Rush of Blood" CD is my fave album, although, I think my fave song would be "Fix You". And, I liked "Kick the Bucket" by Kings of Leon.

  36. EMM386:

    @NeedaHobby: Song is just toooooo good yah? It's like smooth jazz from another era, then you listen to the lyrics, and it blows you away.

  37. kuya.d:

    Eh Ed, just today ah ... you stay off? Hehe!

  38. kuya.d:

    @Hobbz - sorry, no Angel Taylor vids, she was an iTunes free download a few months back ... she has a Colbie Caillat sound.

  39. bB:

    @skycastles , yes he's on youtube. he get some good covers and original songs.

    just for you.

  40. bB:

    @kuya, i just googled lady a, is that the lady a blues band?

    pretty good stuff.

  41. skycastles:

    @bB - I actually meant his love song for YouTube and not the one called "Love," but it's reallly good. Just listened to some of his other stuff and it's great.

    Here's the one I meant. It's pretty funny 🙂

  42. bB:

    wasn't to sure which one, but that one is pretty funny.

    here's my favorite david choi song. that girl

  43. Rosette:

    I like many songs.

  44. skycastles:

    @bB - The dude is pretty amazing.

  45. Shauna:

    so...i take it you heard who won the game... 😉

  46. World Wide Ed:

    Thanks for the comments y'all! Sorry for being MIA shmall kine. You'll see why in tomorrow's blog. 😛

    And yeah Shauns, I heard who won! 😉