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R.I.P. Michael Jackson

June 25th, 2009

It has been reported by numerous news sources that the King of Pop has died of cardiac arrest...


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14 Responses to “R.I.P. Michael Jackson”

  1. snow:

    wow, it's a sad day today. rest in peace, michael jackson and farrah fawcett!!

  2. Ynaku:

    Condolences to the family. So sad though for Michael. The things he did to himself.

  3. tita leerz:

    wow, you added a new blog that fast!

    it's a strange day when your world stand still because the king of pop has died. if only it could stop wars, huh?

    a friend quipped...maybe if we all play Thriller at the same time, he'll come back to life.

    all joking a side, as freaky as he was, his music rocked! really, i'm still trying to pick up my jaw off the floor.

  4. NeedaHobby:

    What a shocker! RIP Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett.

  5. che:

    Gotta find my Off the Wall album.

  6. kuya.d:

    "Keep on 'till the force don't stop, don't stop 'til you get enough..."

  7. kuya.d:

    @Leerz - regarding wars, as mj would say, "...I'm starting with the man in the mirror..."

  8. EMM386:

    I'm kinda torn. I mean, his music was part of the fabric of my entire life, but the things he was accused of later in his's hard to listen to the music these days without thinking of the other things.

  9. j-uncz:

    such a great little kid when he was young..

    such a tragic figure as a true never-grown-up in neverland..

    to be so dissatisfied with life and how you look..

    and to have your preferences turn you into a social outcast..

    is a sad, sad, life, ending too soon, and too sadly..

    and now it's over.. he's gone.. just feel sad and sorry for all of it..

  10. Syxx:

    Ed McMahon too, last week. Dunno if that was talked about already.

  11. HNL2LAS:

    RIP Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson... such a sad week!

  12. frankie:

    Michael Jackson should be remembered for his artistry, but also for his life, which showed us that fame and fortune can neither fulfill nor cast aside the demons that besiege us from within. He spent his whole life trying to be the man he wanted to be, instead of cultivating the man he was.

  13. tita leerz:

    well said frankie...he would be a great case to study in some sociology class!

  14. Center Of Thought:

    I just wasn't a fan of much of anything he did AFTER "Off The Wall"; I love that album - Quincy Jones nailed it! The J5 was all good - classic!

    With musical tastes aside, he was one of the most well-known humans alive. Might have very well been a compassionate philanthropist. He certainly was a son, brother and father, which to me, is way more important than his "Pop" status...

    All I know is that I was at a huge outdoor concert in Brooklyn last night, and they played his music over the PA in tribute, as everybody was exiting the venue. We went to a few bars later, and every place was playing his music.

    So rest in peace, Michael...