Fave Five Friday: Pizza

May 29th, 2009

Last weekend, wifey, BIL, BIL's gf and I were trying to figure out where to grind. The thought of trying a unique/tasty pizza came up but, for the life of me, I couldn't think of any besides the usual suspects. This one's for those of you who will be in a similar predicament in the future. You're welcome. :P

So here's my list of favorite pizzas in Hawaii:

  1. Brick Oven Pizza (Kalaheo, Kauai) - every trip to Kauai HAS TO include Brick Oven fo sho!
  2. California Pizza Kitchen - they have a lot of winnahz, but one of my favorites is probably the Original BBQ Chicken one (sans the onions).
  3. La Pizza Rina - I love those little 8 inchers.
  4. Domino's Pizza - makes me reminisce to the days when pops - only on special occasions - used to treat us to Domino's Pizza (he was/is a health freak!)
  5. Round Table Pizza - I've never tried it before, but BIL seems to swear by it, so I'm curious. :P

Yeah, I know, not very interesting, but I'm not much of a pizza connoisseur. Teach me a lil' sumthin' sumthin' will ya? :)

Happy VHO7V Friday y'all! Have a good weekend and I'll see y'all on Monday! :)

P.S. Wish me luck with BJ Penn this weekend!

52 Responses to “Fave Five Friday: Pizza”

  1. Coconut Willy:

    I love pizza!

    My faves in no particular order:

    Da Big Kahuna - Da bugga is one meal in itself. Go for the Sumo Special with Kalua Pig and errthing

    Boston's - Not too many places in Hawaii sell by the slice. Spinach and garlic.

    Pizza Hut - Pan

    Antonio's - Cheese, cheese, grease, and more cheese.

    Harbor Pub - Bar Food at it's finest

    Don't especially like the chains, but if I had to rank them. The Hut, Round Table, Dominos, Papa Johns, Little Caesars.

    No fufu pizza like CPK. If I gotta, then it's traditional cheese or pepperoni.

    Used to like UNO when they were in Waikiki back in the day. Their pizza was inconsistent though.

    Costco will do in a pinch for a slice.

    I tried the pizza at Fendu Boulangerie at Manoa Marketplace because of the great reviews. Nothing great IMO.

    I want to try the Margherita pizza at Pasta Basta and Brasserie Du Vin

    Blondie's and North Beach Pizza in SF
    John's in New York City

    So many pizza's, so little time.....

  2. Center Of Thought:

    I've been to two places that have the best pizza in the world...Italy - a LOT dofferent than the American pizza, but in a great way. Aboslutely the best I ever had - in Rome and in Sardinia.

    The other place is where I live now - New York Cityyyyyyyyy! haha - classic American pies. Brooklyn, Manhattan...I go right across the street from my apartment and BAM! The dude that runs the place is from Italy, so he's got the secret...

    But, I gotta say groing up in Hawai'i back in the day, we always went to Shakey's Pizza in Aiea (near Pearlridge). They had the flavor, yo! AND when it was your birthday, they'd bring out the staff with a HUGE banana split, and sing Happy Birthday. They had games, too - this was before Fun Factory was even a thought in somebody's mind. Good times...

    Aloha - Enjoy the weekend, errbody!

  3. bB:

    i keep on passing by brick oven pizza when i go to kauai, but i never tried it. in fact i just passed by yesterday.

    no mo choices on maui, so i'll go with........

    pizza madness, bj's, pizza hut, domino's, round table

    uh days i used to go to mama's at puck's alley.

  4. kuya.d:

    @CW - I can't get over Blondie's! Warm slices on a foggy afternoon in the bay, it's like a comfy hug.

  5. hemajang:

    yeah, La Pizza Rina is a good one. Like their crust, garlicky tomato sauce, antipasto salad and dressing is very good. CoT mentioned Shakey's, which is probably the first pizza place I went to as a young'un. My post on yesterday's "Favorite Teacher" played honky tonk piano at Shakey's on weekends, he was a talented man. Mama Mia's was a favorite of mine back in my UH daze. Good luck to Mr. Ed this weekend with BJ, go easy on him.

  6. kuya.d:

    Fave 5 pizzas - this one is kinda tuff:

    Boston's - I like the spinach and garlic white sauce.

    CPK - I like that duck pizza with the honey wheat crust. And all the other stuffs on their menu.

    Pizza Hut - hand tossed crust or thin. I like olives, diced tomatoes, and mushrooms on mine. I think it's the convenience factor and speed.

    Big Kahunas - I like those cheese ball thingys. CW, did they have a funky name for that stuff? And did they move from puuloa rd because of that road widening that took years?

    My ex-gf from college (ed and leerz, you know) - she used to make her crust from scratch, and sauce too, had her blend of cheese and she used to stack the toppings. She used to make um for our nice, little, romantic picnics, *sigh* the sweet memories. . .

  7. kuya.d:

    @Center of Thought - shakeys used to have like a buffet nite, and they had killer fried chicken, and these mojo potatoes. The pearlridge one became a bar later on, and now McD's sits there.

    @Ed - check out Big Island Pizza. I never been, but I hear good stuff, and hey, they're a small biz surviving the tuff economic times.

  8. Kel Sr.:

    Aloha Ed,

    Mama Mia! Pizza! I'll go with your list (you know, the Kauai boy has to promote the isle)!

    As for BJ Penn, with your talent, you don't need luck with your interview! See if you can get a picture of you with a naked choke hold on him with his eyes bulging out, Nah, just joking.

    Have a wonderful weekend and please, bring back dem trades!

  9. matt:

    Here in the bay area, the best pizza i've found has been at Amici's (owner's from NYC, so it's straight up east coast thin crust style) and Pizza My Heart. PMH sells slices, too. Blondies is good, but overrated, imo.

    Not one for Chicago style deep dish, but the best option for me (the wife likes it) is Due's. it's the brother of the owner of the more famous Uno's and just as good, but less crowded. right across the street from the original Uno's, too.

  10. che:

    1. Round Table
    2. Brick Oven
    3. Antonio's (Waialae)
    4. CPK
    5. This new place downtown. Can't remember the name (not Rosarino's). I thihk it was near Epic's.

  11. M:

    Good Morning Ed!

    I like pizza but I'm not a pizza connoisseur. I don't have a favorite place.
    La Pizza Rina
    Pizza Hut

    all good, it satisfies my taste buds for pizza.

  12. zzzzzz:

    @matt--in the bay area, how about FJL in Sunnyvale, or Ramona's and Jose's in Palo Alto? Are they still there?

    @bB--what happened to Pizza Factory?

  13. Coconut Willy:

    @kuya.d - those would be "garlic cheese balls"

    Nobody has mentioned Magoo's yet. The last time I ordered from the wagon, it had no taste. But the hot ham and mushroom sandwich was still ono.

    Remember 2 for 1 Pizza Company? Junk! Cheese on cardboard, no sauce.

  14. NeedaHobby:

    643-1111. ;) I like the pan pizzas at Pizza Hut. I like pepperoni/olives, veggie lovers, or spinach/mushrooms/garlic. I also like CPK. I like the Sicilian. But, IMHO, what are even better at CPK are the salads. I love the Oriental Chicken or the Original Chopped! Yum...

    @bB - ever go to the Flatbread Pizza in Paia?

  15. Rosette:

    MY FAVORITE PIZZA is the kind that my husband pays for five bucks! so we don't argue we are broke after!

  16. Rosette:


  17. uncle jimmy:

    hard to talk about a fave pizza, 'cuz the truth is, I've never had bad pizza..

    there are certain categories of stuff that are always guud..

    an' pizza, hot, thin crust, or cold and t'ick crust, an' erryt'ing in between..

    pizza's just always guud.. do you want to get a pizza? yes..

  18. che:

    Coconut Willy, is the Da Big Kahuna the one in Mapunapuna? I forgot about that place.

  19. jknakas1:

    Pizza! A great full meal with all your basic food groups! It's great hot, fresh out of the oven, or cold fresh out of the fridge the next day! And you can eat it with your hands! My favorites...

    La Pizzarina - The cheese they use is so awesome when it's fresh and hot!

    Antonio's - Mighty Tasty "New York Style" pizzas... But I don't remember what NY pizza is really like since it was a couple decades ago!

    Magoos - Used to go really good with a cheap pitcher of beer!

    Round Table - There's just something so nostalgic about it... And there's only something like two of them left!

    Pizza Hut - Being raised on book-it personal pan pizzas throughout the formative years has brainwashed me, and many others of us, into automatically thinking of the Hut whenever someone mentions Pizza!

    Happy Aloha Friday!

  20. pink lady:

    just like you, whenever we go to kauai we have to have brick oven. my other favorite is boston's. little caesar's pizza isn't the best but i loooove their crazy bread!

  21. frankie:

    I miss Magoo's!!!!!

  22. skycastles:

    I gotta go with La Pizzarina too. Their subs are so good too! It's all in the dressing.

  23. tita leerz:

    1. Boston's...the Big Red
    2. Harpo's (no more anymore huh?)
    3. Ice Palace...they make a pretty good cheese pizza

    not so much "unique" flavors...but all good!

  24. rayboyjr:

    Love PIZZA!!!

    Favorite??? Don't know ... because I'm your average Joe, football fan, pretzel and pizza eating kind of guy. They're all grrrrrrrrrrrrreat! But for the sake of this poll, I'll say Pizza Hut because I probably eat there the most or order out.

    But why oh why is Pizza so expensive. You got bread, tomato paste, cheese, some meat and/or veggies ... what gives?!

  25. theDman:

    Costco has good value pizza, not real good, but the price is right, and one piece will fill you up. Can't beat that.

    Boston is a good change of pace, a little different, so it stands out. Some complain it's too thin, but I think each pizza tastes distinct.

    Not crazy about CPK pizzas, overpriced and average.

    Deep-dish pizza? Anybody serve that here?

  26. Scott:

    Oh man I miss Magoos too. Wife (then girlfriend) and I used to go there in '03 and '04. My fav, though, is harbor pub. I've got them saved on my phone!

  27. soogs:

    ditto brick oven! that's some ono pizza.
    other fave's:
    round table in enchanted lake (somehow the waikiki ones are not the same),

    magoo's in aiea,

    aiea bowl - the crust is awesome, however for some reason, even tho' its a regular menu item, sometimes they dont have it. oftentimes they say they dont have dough. wha???

    domino's - not for the pizza but has anyone tried their hot sandwiches? way better than subways and quiznos.

    @pink lady - yup, the crazy bread at little caesar's is ono. have you tried it at the non-kmart locations? someone is opening little caesar's storefronts and the crazy bread there is 10x better than the ones at kmart.

  28. uncle jimmy:


    pretty funny how great minds think alike..

    really have you ever had bad pizza? ummm, no.. :lol:

  29. kuya.d:

    @ed - your girl anuhea, did she just release on iTunes? If that's her, that album is good, I downloaded it. Support island music folks, it was a nice price.

  30. kuya.d:

    What about school pizza? Ours in PC area was ok. But at Highlands Inter. They used to serve these pizza burritos and they were killer. . .literally, all the oil and chreese, and salty pepperoni bits.

  31. Coconut Willy:

    @che - Da Big Kahuna moved to that strip mall near the airport across Byron's.
    The one with Starbucks and L&L.

    I'm ono for pizza now!

  32. kate:

    Try pizza quesadilla...my 8 year old makes it herself. Get a flour tortilla, smear with pizza sauce from a jar (like Ragu), grated mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, then more cheese. Top with another flour tortilla and fry in a pan. I like to precook my pepperoni in the micro so it doesn't get too greasy.

    We've been getting pizza from Shakeys. Pizza, fried chicken, and mojo potatoes. MMmmmmm....but not good for my blood pressure! Eat it at the beach.

  33. tita leerz:

    magoo's used to make this really good hot ham and mushroom sandwich! da guys used to come and deliver to the dorms on their mopeds. i miss magoo's too!

  34. tita leerz:

    isn't there one still in aiea?

  35. kuya.d:

    @kate - ooh, that sounds good. O7VHVW.

    @Lourdes - my friends used to order just that, and that's all I remember eating from there UH time was the sandwiches.

  36. tita leerz:

    lunch time! i like go eat over there now.

  37. Kage:

    Costco for the price
    Boston's for the spinach garlic pizza - luv their crust.
    Papa Johns for the flavor with delivery.

    I just tried the CPK frozen pizza, and it was not bad.

  38. HNL2LAS:

    whhhhaat?? No one said Zpizza or JJ Dolan's????? AI YA!!! Dey da bestest! hehe.... I like Round Table's pizzatatoes, haven't had them in forever, but was sooo good!

  39. mcat:

    i tried brick oven pizza, those are GOOD!
    i also like pizza hut & papa johns.
    cpk - i like the thai chicken one

  40. mcat:

    che - i heard about that downtown place that made pizza. can't remember the name either. never tried it yet...

  41. kuya.d:

    All I can say is that pizza hut express used to rake from all of us at UH.

  42. pink lady:

    @soogs: where are the non-kmart little caesar's located? i would definitely want to check it out.

  43. umami:

    JJ Dolan's makes a pretty good pizza. that's the place downtown that people can't seem to remember the name. it's a bar and the only food on the menu is the pizza. located across from Mark's Garage.

  44. soogs:

    @pink lady: the aiea one is in that shopping center next to aiea library. young's kalbee and daiichi noodle are in the same complex. there are more, tho'. ewa beach, waipahu, 'nalo, and waianae as far as i know. check out the little caesar's website for the actual locations.
    plus, last i heard, the guy that bought the hawaii franchise is looking to still open some more in the near future! try the italian cheese bread too.

  45. S Ticket:

    Yo Ed....why do I keep thinking your b-day is today? Anyway, yes, like I said in the past, Brick Oven is the one place I insist on eating at when I go home....nothing like the whole wheat crust with the garlic butter spread on a super pizza!

    the rest includes
    Round Table
    Papa Johns
    Brick Oven....yeah I'll list it again, it's just that good!

  46. uncle jimmy:


    am getting a new per-spec-tive on the pilly pitcheen' issue..

    no longah pining aftah Jake da Peeve.. too expensez-vous..

    plus, wit' Pirate shanghai'd fo' da season, we need 2-3 kine, not one..

    how about Roy Boy from astro city? an' one mo solid..

    yeah, that'll work.. besides, RB get plenny heart.. (an' one movah fas'ball)..


  47. matt:

    Not a huge fan on FJL, but my brother in law (who grew up in sunnyvale) swears by it. Haven't tried the other two in PA, but Paxti's in PA is pretty darned good. they're known for their deep dish which pleases the Mrs. to no end, but their thin crust is very good as well, which satisfies me. plus, they're right next door to a great gelato shop.

  48. Ryan:

    In downtown, if you want pizza, you definitely need to hit up

    1. JJ Dolan's
    2. Rosarina's

    JJ Dolan's serves some killer pizza with a ton of cheese; not to mention, you can enjoy it with your favorite alcoholic beverage. Rosarina's is a different type of pizza - the vegetarian one is #awesometown.

  49. bB:

    @zzzzzz - i don't know, sounds familiar but i never ate there.

    @NeedaHobby - i never tried there too.

    i think i gotta start going out more often. :lol:

  50. Rosette:

    if I have to make my own pizza I will add zucchini eggplant and shrimps and cheese..I will do the lazy way buy the pizza dough made then add my own toppings ...plus cheese on top....!

  51. Rosette:

    SO ED WOULD YOU GIVE ME AN A for my pizza!

  52. Rosette:

    you must sauteed the eggplant and zucchini first with onions ..I once used a hamburger bread as alternate instead of pizza dough then just add eggplant zucchini and shrimps on top of the bread voila min pizza..stick in the oven let the cheese melt.