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Fave Five Friday: Talents

May 22nd, 2009

(This one's actually wifey's suggestion. Mad props to her!)

So last week, we went to watch our friend Heejin perform a piano recital at the University of Hawaii's Orvis Auditorium. Sistah's got some skills lemme tell you!

After witnessing Jin's super-talent in person, wifey suggested I put this out to all y'all to see what hidden (or not so hidden) talents we gots ourselves. Hopefully, you won't have to reach (like me) to find your 5. 😛


  1. Friendly/People Person & Happy/Never Grouchy - for the most part, I think I'm a friendly, approachable, people person kinda guy. I hate people who are unfriendly, snobby and/or stand-off-ish, or who think they are better than you. My close friends will probably tell you I'm a little too friendly when I get all touchy feely with them! LOL!  I don't understand people who can go through life being unhappy. You have one life, why not make the most of it right? Don't worry, be happy!
  2. King of Nicknames - I love making up nicknames for people I know. You folks up in hurr, my co-workers, friends, etc. Loves it!
  3. Semi-athletic - I can usually pick up anything that involves, throwing, catching, running, and jumping, with a little bit of hand-eye coordination.
  4. Never Give Up Attitude - not sure if this is a blessing or a curse, but I don't like failing at anything, so I keep at things until there's no more keeping-at anymore. Ha!
  5. Jack of All Trades Master of None - this one's probably due to the trait above. And maybe my short attention span as well. 😛 Whether it be coding for the web, strumming a few chords on my uke, spinning a basketball on my finger, blurting out nonsense via this blog, etc., I'd like to think that I'm pretty decent at whatever I decide to put my mind to. Don't think I've ever become a "Master" at any one thing (even though I'm sometimes called a "Webmaster"! LOL!), but at least I try my best. 8)

I don't even think any of those above are talents. I tol' you I was reachin'! Haha! Anyway, I'm sure you guys can name some REAL talents that you possess. Share, share!

Happy VHO7V Friday y'all! Have a good weekend and I'll see y'all on Monday! 🙂

63 Responses to “Fave Five Friday: Talents”

  1. uncle jimmy:

    tita.. holy smokes.. alwayz knew you wuz talented, but..

    had no idea you ambi-dextrous, too... 😆

  2. uncle jimmy:

    edward.. so wut you t'ink, eh?

    nice of da Pills to help da kine break in da new stadium, yeah?

    hoo, Pirate moween' today.. Yankers plankeen' 'em..

    teef, amigoz, rah-oool. errybody in on it today.. 😆

    even coastah.. firs' pitch... out... say hello to my li'l frien'... 😆

  3. M:


    Do you want to email me with your questions about training for the Tinman?

  4. kuya.d:

    @leerz - brownie recipe sounds good, majahlo.
    And uh, lipstick and cleavage . . . Intersting combo there sistah, I'm sure you can use that for . . . um?

    @skycastes - oh yeah, cherry stem thing, an ex of mine could do the knot thing, so all I can say for you is, well *applause*

  5. kuya.d:

    @uncz - Jrox this week and yet he was riding pine for my fantasy team. The guy I'm playing get Mauer, Ryno, and Ibanez among others - they get like 15 HR, my team get 3 . . . yippee, not!

  6. Rosette:

    ☺ (((((((())+(())))))))))) ☺


  7. Rosette:

    I got to try that holding lisptick with cleavage but WHAT CLEAVAGE nothing left..! YES I can mutil task I can watch t.v. and scream at my hus
    band shut up can't you see I am watching my sex tv.!! omg that is why he paid the t.v so he can leave me alone...multi task !

  8. Rosette:

    @ tita leerz: yup I order my husband go get me my chocolate and don't wait until mother's day to bring that..I got to plump but the cleavage here to hold lipstick and tv. remote control.!

  9. Rosette:

    @ tita leerz:after raising two kids I multi task by ordering them to do this this and time of multitask is over!...I am not driving them around to do any sport things..I RELAX and learn to multitask powdering my butt!

  10. NeedaHobby:

    Okay, this is waaayyy late, but here goes...

    - I don't know why, but I'm pretty good at remembering phone numbers. It doesn't really come in handy anymore though (now that we can store numbers in our cell phones).

    - I guess I'm a pretty decent cook and baker. I like to try different recipes anyways.

    - I'm somewhat crafty. I hardly do it anymore, but I enjoy card making and scrapbooking.

    - I've been told I'm athletic. Although, I don't think I am, really. At least not anymore. Maybe in my younger days (used to swim a lot).

    - Ha, ha. Ok, not really a talent, but I'm an excellent shopper! Well, at least, I enjoy searching for all of the bargains and making the most of coupons. 😉

    - And, like others mentioned, I'm great at making that chocolate disappear! Food (sushi and pasta, especially), too for that matter. 😛

  11. uncle jimmy:

    kuya.. rolo coastah getteen' off to slow staht fo suah..

    mole wen serve up a big dish of guac to madonna's boyfrien', yeah? 😆

    we got to come of wit' name for newbie John Mayberry..

    how about Aint Bee? nah, jus' kiddeen' John..

    you stay Opie... 😆

  12. skycastles:

    Ok, just checking back in on this . . .

    @ tita leerz: OMG, the boob and lipstick thing is so funny! I had a friend in high school who could do that too 😆

    @ kuya: Secret society huh? I'm down with that. 🙂

    @ kuya & Syxx & Ed: *takes a bow* thank you, thank you but I think tita leerz talent is WAY cooler!

    @ uncle jimmy: I know what you mean. My niece get all habut when she has to pick up so many cards.

  13. tita leerz:

    You guys! Did you not recognotice my little tribute to the Breakfast Club?! It was the scene where they were sitting in a circle on the floor...I think after they smoked pakalolo. LOL!!! jus too funny. after nursing two kids well....i should make them pay for my boob job when they start working!