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Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? - February 25, 2009

February 25th, 2009

Representin' da Big Isle, FBI style, Ynaku brought home his first medal for WIH, correctly guessing Shokudo last week. And supposedly no moa even honey toast on da Big Island! Pretty impressive Naks. Oh yeah, and big ups to b. for going against the grain and mentioning Kit N Kitchen, another place that serves honey toast. Please help me congratulate them both y'all!

I'm thinking that this week's one may be a lil' trickay... (tricky) tricky (tricky) tricky! But hopefully, my hint may help... Guess away young Jedis! 🙂

Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? - February 25, 2009
Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? - February 25, 2009

Hint: Check out da spoon! Hmm... where could you have used one like that? Looks familiar don't it? *grin*

Da "Where In Hawaii" Winnahz Circle!

Happy Hump Day Where In Hawaii Wednesday y'all. 🙂

35 Responses to “Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? - February 25, 2009”

  1. Coconut Willy:

    Looks like it may be an Asian fusion?

    Angelo Pietro?

  2. hemajang:

    check out da spoon? hmmm, looks kinda plain, get lot of reflections from lights, stay turn opposite from fork? I dunno, is this your house and a shrimp pasta that you made?

  3. bB:

    have no idea. thinking it's italian.

    aunty pastos, sorry don't know the spelling.

  4. Ynaku:

    How you got into my house? Das my spoon. Nah, sorry, no can make 2 for 2.

  5. Takeshi:


  6. frankie:

    Ciao Mein?

  7. che:

    cafe sistina?

  8. Paco:

    I'm stumped, but now hungry. The hint nevah help me. Let me drink some coffee and think more.

  9. M:

    Buca di Beppo?

  10. zzzzzz:

    I'm with Paco, that picture makes me hungry, although I'd throw my guess with CW (Angelo Pietro).

    Any recommendations for good pasta places on O'ahu? A couple of my favorites are California Pizza Kitchen and Bravo.

  11. b.:

    it's Run's House....

    not sure what the hint was....the Run DMC reference or the Star Wars one

  12. NeedaHobby:

    It looks ono! I dunno, it looks like a special pasta fork. Hmmm, I'll just guess Verbano.

    @zzzzzz - yup, Bravo is winnahs! I also like Verbano and Auntie Pastos.

  13. Paco:

    zzzzzz - can't go wrong with Assaggio's.

  14. Paco:

    Master ed says it's trickay so not Italian place I think. Another hint we need!

  15. JB:

    Thought it was Pietro, but I think they have funky forks with gooves on the outside tines for rolling noodles up. So my guess will be Auntie Pasto's.

    Between your food pictures and The Daily Dish's Fuud Friday pics, I've added a bunch of restaurants to my "must try" list. Every pound I gain is all your fault.

  16. Paco:

    ok, I need to get some work done and this is totally distracting. I'm guessing Shokudo. Again! Hows that for trickay!

  17. skycastles:

    I'll go with CPK since no one's said that yet, I think.

  18. tita leerz:

    that Thai place in Pearl Kai?

  19. MakiSushi:

    speaking of Pearl Kai, is WWE at Ricado's?

  20. Chicken Grease:


  21. snow:

    i'm gonna agree with cdubbs... angelo pietro! wherever it is, it looks good!

  22. bp:

    da curry house

  23. bp:

    champa thai

  24. bp:


  25. pink lady:


    @bp: haha curry house!!

  26. Miss Pris:

    wild guess here....Phuket Thai?

  27. kuya.d:

    Pietro sounds right.

    @zzzzz- Paesano in manoa, Ricado's in pearl kai, Assagio's in mililani. All yumz.

  28. Masako:

    I think its CPK's

  29. tita leerz:

    @ everybody....where's ed?

  30. kuya.d:

    @tita & needahobbz- who you folks got to win top chef tonite?

  31. tita leerz:

    wait...shhh...i neva watch yet....catching up on lost right now. maye I try hit top chef at the repeat.

  32. bp:

    it was the spoon that made me guess that 🙂

  33. bp:

    Look Neo, there is no spoon...

  34. World Wide Ed:

    Sorry for the delay folks. Been shmall kine slammed at work. skycastles gotum with CPK (California Pizza Kitchen). It's da Jambalaya. Aren't they the only ones with spoons like these? Maybe it's just me. Hehe! Shucks to zzzzzz who wen mention um, but I don't think it was a guess. Thanks for playing y'all!

  35. skycastles:

    Whooo hooo! I'm da winnah! It's good to know that my college test-taking strategy still works.

    When all else fails, guess . . . either that or pick "C" LOL